Business and Portal Applications

Business and Portal Applications

Levant develops Business software applications and web-based portal applications of various varieties. It develops systematically arranged portal applications of the following types:

  • Ecommerce Applications
  • SaaS Portal Applications
  • Business Portal Platforms
  • Inventory Management Applications
  • Corporate portal applications
  • Student Course Enrollment Applications

All of the above mentioned types of portal applications are created by using the required programming language. For your information, we usually develop the portal applications by using PHP, CSS, .NET, JAVA, HTML5, and Rails.

Our Business Applications help our clients in:

  • Understanding the business operations in a better way
  • Analyzing issues and constraints in the operations
  • Improving the management of business operations
  • Searching for new opportunities
  • Modernizing applications
  • Optimizing business flow

We also follow Agile methodology.